Alexandra Stockwell: On Long-Term Relationships, Intimacy, Passion & Sex

I thoroughly enjoyed my interview with Alexandra Stockwell, and I’m sure you will also. Her advice on the importance of cultivating long term relationships is so refreshing to understand and implement. A wife of 25 years and a mother of 4, Alexandra believes the key to passion, fulfillment, intimacy and success isn’t compromise–it’s being unwilling to compromise–because when both people feel free to be themselves, and know how to love and be loved for exactly who they are, the relationship is juicy, nourishing, and deeply satisfying.

Alexandra Stockwell MD is a Luxury Love and Intimacy Mentor, who helps couples build beautiful, stable, long-lasting, sexy relationships.  She is the bestselling author of “Uncompromising Intimacy,” the creator of the Aligned and Hot Marriage Program, and host of the highly acclaimed The Marriage Podcast. Alexandra has been featured in the Huffington Post, USAToday, Cosmopolitan, Business Insider, FOX NEWS NYC, and many other publications.
For over 20 years she has shown men and women how to bring pleasure and purpose into all aspects of life–from the daily grind of running a household, to clear and intimate communication, to ecstatic experiences in the bedroom.

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Here are her Key Takeaways:

  1. Relationships can continue to improve – they don’t have to plateau or start to diminish. Having fantastic relationships is a completely learnable skill
  2. Sex is the final delicious frontier that comes with self knowledge, self acceptance, and the capacity to develop emotional intimacy
  3. There are 3 different types of intimacy 1) emotional 2) sensual 3) erotic. Emotional and sensual intimacy forms the basis for erotic intimacy
  4.  The best way to cultivate Emotional intimacy  is to 1) asking open ended questions, and 2) be more vulnerable 
  5. When we are in the “doing” mode that is the antithesis to passion because passion is not about doing its about a state of being
  6. In the context of a long term relationship, everything that isn’t sex, is foreplay
  7. Conscious partnership is when we treat our relationships as vehicles for personal transformation – its essential for our own reinvention
  8. At the point in which we are not triggering one another – then we’re not growing
  9. It’s not an instant cure – it’s a way of life. It’s ongoing growth and learning with yourself and your relationship as long as you live. 

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