Belinda Clemmensen: On Women and Leadership

On this episode of The Midlife Reinvention, Belinda Clemmensen and Kavita Ahuja discuss Women and Leadership. Belinda’s thoughts are so powerful and relevant, and can be applied both personally, and within our organizations. Her whole life has been about helping other women lead their lives to their full potential.

A self – described Change Maker, Belinda Clemmensen is the founder of the Women’s Leadership Intensive, and the proud co-founder of the Leader Coach Intensive, whose mission is to inspire, empower, support, and equip women to lead the change the world needs. As an ICF-certified coach and award-winning designer and facilitator of leadership development initiatives across North America for over 25 years, Belinda has now turned her focus to helping women lead in whatever domain or industry inspires them.

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Here are the key takeaways from this episode:

  1. If we start with a place of values and purpose and we use that as a way to make all the other decisions, then we get to a place where our actions are aligned.
  2. If there is a call inside of us, even a whisper inside of us that says, there’s more here for me, that’s making a shift over to that place of purpose.  
  3. When the darkness shows up be ready for it, and know its not a sign that you should stop and turn back, it’s just part of the path.
  4. It’s your one life! The thing about midlife is we recognize now that the runway is not infinite; if we’re lucky we’re halfway there.
  5. Let’s not do this alone, because it makes it way harder. Let’s creating affinity spaces – a space where we can come together and ask similar questions or wonder about the same callings. 
  6.  If not now, then WHEN? And if not you then WHO?
  7.  If we are just on that productivity treadmill and just doing stuff – ticking off our lists…there is no room there for creativity.
  8. Redefine your definition of success – the definition may not have been built for you. Build your own.
  9. This is our one and beautiful life. Listen to and connect with that voice inside – it can start to shift our world collectively. It matters!
  10. Don’t get caught up in the idea that you have to do something huge. Impacts can be subtle, but important. 

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