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Kavita Ahuja is a Certified Women’s Career and Life Transitions Coach, dedicated to empowering women to transition into work and a life that aligns with their strengths, passions, and values. Her mission is to guide women towards wild fulfillment, happiness, and success.

As the Host and Visionary of the popular podcast, “The Midlife Reinvention,” Kavita and her guests offer inspirational insights to her listeners. 

She is also the creator and facilitator of the transformative course,It’s My Time Now!An accomplished writer, speaker, and expert in navigating career and life transitions, Kavita offers invaluable guidance.

She is an IPEC Certified coach (CPC), an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), with an MBA from the Rotman School of Management and an undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Toronto.

As a contributing Thought Leader, Kavita shares her expertise to publications such as Kuel Life, Crunchy Tales, One Woman and Anokhi Life. She has also appeared as a guest on numerous podcasts, sharing her wisdom with diverse audiences. Kavita’s experience as a workshop facilitator and speaker makes her an ideal choice for organizations seeking her transformative insights.

Furthermore, Kavita is certified in the groundbreaking emotional reframing technique known as HAIL™, acquired through the Transition Institute and  Linda Rossetti. This technique empowers individuals and organizations to shift the conversation surrounding emotions that can hinder progress in desired directions.

As a Canadian of East Indian descent, Kavita’s passion extends to celebrating the rich tapestry of cultures and traditions that unite us. Residing in Toronto, she is also diligently working on the publication of her first book, “It’s My Time Now!”

Services Offered:

Career Transitions Coaching

Career Transitions Coaching is not limited to resume revisions or interview preparations alone. It encompasses a profound exploration that delves far beyond the surface. It is about nurturing a woman’s mindset and preparing her for the significant transitions unfolding in her life.

With extensive experience in coaching women through career and life transitions, Kavita brings a heart-centered approach to her work. Her track record is a testament to her ability to guide individuals with care and compassion.

Energy Leadership Index Assessment 

As a trained practitioner, Kavita offers the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment—a powerful, research-backed tool that transforms abstract perceptions into tangible metrics. By assessing how you perceive the world, this assessment provides valuable insights that you can see, feel, and even reevaluate in the future. Experience the benefits of this profound tool by bringing it to individuals or groups within your organization.

Learn more here.

Workshop Facilitation / Speaking:

Kavita has led many groups through her proprietary process and tools called It’s My Time Now, and she is available to train individuals in your organization in the following areas:


  • Assessing your current life situation
  • Strengths, Passions, Values
  • How to determine your Ikigai, or Reason for Being


  • The importance of visualizing your future
  • Inner Mentor Visualization

Facing your Obstacles:

  • Inner Critics
  • Assumptions
  • Interpretations
  • Limiting Beliefs

Building Your Confidence:

  • The Importance of Building Your Confidence
  • Words we say, thoughts we think, actions we take 

Previous Workshop & Facilitation:

NextGroup Workshop: Rediscovering Yourself as You Transition in Your Career & Life. 

Lean-in Organization Circle: 

Join Kavita as the leader of the It’s My Time Now Lean-in Circle

The Mission is to create a safe space for you to discuss your goals, fears, and develop camaraderie with other like-minded women in transition in their careers and lives.

Empowerment and Learning from Friends:

“What’s next: rediscovering yourself in midlife” 

Third Act Quest StoryTelling Virtual Event

That’s What She Said In-Person Storytelling Event

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Kavita has been my Life Coach for the past 3 months. I was about to make some serious changes and life felt overwhelming. She has helped me ease through these transitions and given me direction again in my life. Her program, while structured, was also customized to suit my needs. She has been a huge support system when I needed it most, from an unbiased point of view. I highly recommend Kavita! It’s my time now;)

- Kim H.


Kavita and I started our coaching sessions on the premise that I was starting a business and we might partner to offer our combined services. What started as a business discussion led to fabulous coaching sessions I didn't know I needed, great questions that prompted new paths of thinking and ultimately a whole new direction for me. I would highly recommend her for both personal and business coaching, as she's held both roles for me and ultimately has ended up as a new friend as well.

- Anissa B.


I highly recommend Kavita for professional/life coaching. Her passion for coaching and helping women at various life stages is infectious. Kavita’s kind, but firm strategies for making positive life changes are very helpful. Having a compassionate and knowledgeable life coach like Kavita is priceless.

- Hanya C.


Occasionally we encounter individuals that are recognizable by their sheer presence. Kavita Ahuja is one of those individuals. I happened upon Kavita's Podcast, It’s My Time Now, and was immediately drawn to her warmth and skill as an interviewer to get to the heart of the topic and to present her guests and the information they presented in the best possible light. Kavita allowed her guests to shine and the audience to be enlightened. After hearing about her course, It's My Time Now, I signed up and my life has not been the same. Through Kavita's course, I discovered so much about myself and my purpose, that it put me on the path that I am now on, the path to reinvention.

- Gigi B.


As Founder of It’s My Time Now, Kavita uses her skills as a Master Coach and trainer to assist clients in uncovering their unique gifts and talents, allowing them to use these to create the lives they are born to live. I know this because after taking her course, I hired Kavita to become my Coach and since then I have accomplished some amazing and transformational things that I would never have done without her. I highly recommend Kavita and her course It's My Time Now! She changed my life and can do the same for you!

- Gigi B.


Wow, I’ve learned so much, what a journey. Over these last 8 weeks, with Kavita Ahuja’s guidance, I’ve re-evaluated my life, my values, my strengths / weaknesses, and discovered what drives me to live a full and happy life. Now, in my 50’s, my eyes are open wide and I can’t wait to see what I will accomplish during the 2nd half of my life. This course helped me rediscover my true passion and it helped light the flame inside my soul.

- Maria D.


It’s My Time Now came at the perfect time for me and is a course I would highly recommend for women looking to redefine themselves and follow their dreams. This program is rich with resources, tools, and exercises and took me on a step-by-step process of getting to know myself better and supported me in creating a clear vision and plan for the next chapter in my life. I appreciate having ongoing access to the recordings and workbook so that I can continue to bring this process to all aspects of my life. Kavita is inspiring, and also, as a coach, she skillfully helped me drill down with clarity and precision where my true drive and passion lies and encouraged me to launch my new business!

- Nina M.


We all have our own struggles and I realize I do have a lot to offer, and that’s what’s come up for me. Doing this course was my “me time” and it forced me to answer some of those really tough questions. Kavita – the way you led the whole thing – it was a space where like-minded people could share, and we were authentic. You made it comfortable! I was able to be me, and be my true self.

- Tina G.

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