Caroline Brookfield: On Everyday Creativity and Finding Your Courage to Face Challenges

Dr. Caroline Brookfield is completely lovely,  inspirational as well as entertaining.  Her no-nonsense approach to life, creativity and taking on new challenges is so inspiring.  Caroline believes that if everyone took small, unconventional actions to embrace their inherent creativity, we could change the world. Her advice is rooted in science, and, by listening to our conversation, I’m sure you will be inspired to seek the edge of your comfort zone and move past that towards your own personal growth.
Caroline received honors for her veterinary degree from the Ontario  (Canada) Veterinary College, is a certified level 2 Creative Problem Solving facilitator, and holds a Certificate of Professional Management from the University of Calgary, where she lives. Her lectures go unheeded by her family. The dog listens, sometimes. She is always up for a challenge, like learning guitar, rock climbing, getting her kids to eat vegetables, surfing, meditation retreats with sniper rifles. You know, the usual stuff!

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Here are her key takeaways:

  1. Everyone has a different edge they seek. The trick is finding that edge.
  2. There is a comfort zone, a growth zone, and a panic zone. The trick is to find the edge of your comfort zone into your growth zone without going into panic zone.
  3. Challenge yourself through self talk and “objective risk assessment” – or what’s the worst that could happen? Or, “screw it, let’s just do it”
  4. The fear of regret can fuel your motivation
  5. Anything you do that’s creative is uncertain. Creativity is a boot-camp for facing those harder challenges in your life and facing those obstacles.
  6. You are creative the same way you breathe. Your everyday creativity is unique.
  7. We have the capacity to tap into that childlike creativity if we do it intentionally 
  8. If we practice creativity we practice sitting in uncertainty and going ahead anyway, we practice facing failure and judgement or ourselves and others – resilience is just failing and getting back up again
  9. When you’re facing uncertainty, by building that tolerance of ambiguity you can be more confident in those changes
  10.  5 habits to engage a creative mindset: the acronym DANCE – Daydream, Ambiguity, Novelty, Curiosity, Editing Later

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