It's My Time Now Coaching

Career & Life Transitions Coaching Program for Women

“I will help you create transformations in your life without the regret of wasted time. My goal is to provide my clients with career and life transition coaching that will empower and enable them to make confident decisions to live a fulfilling life.”

       – Kavita Ahuja

Introducing “It’s My Time Now”: Your Path to Transformation

Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of transformation? Look no further than “It’s My Time Now,” a powerful 3-month Coaching Program built upon the proven system called The Pyramid of Reinvention.

With Kavita Ahuja as your compassionate guide, you will find the answers to the all-important question: “What’s Next?”

Whether you’re navigating career transitions (leaving a job, starting a new one, launching a business, or transitioning into retirement), relationships, health and wellness, or any other aspect of your life, this program is tailor-made for you.

In the face of these transitions, it’s common to feel adrift, unsure of your next steps, hindered by fears, and lacking the confidence to move forward. But rest assured, these emotions are completely normal.

Deep down, you hold the motivation to create meaningful change. You know that there’s still so much within you to explore and contribute to the world. It’s just a matter of finding the right starting point.

You are not alone!

Take the first step towards your transformation by booking a complimentary Discovery Call with Kavita today.

How does it work

Kavita is the creator and guide in the It’s My Time Now Coaching Program. She is trained and certified through IPEC, and follows Core Energy Coaching Principles.


What is Career & Life Transition Coaching?

Transitions are an inherent part of our journey through life. Some transitions are consciously chosen, while others are thrust upon us. We often label certain transitions as “positive” or “negative.” They can range from major life shifts to seemingly minor adjustments. 

Knowing how to deal with ALL the transitions in your life from a highly conscious perspective will greatly increase your comfort with change and leave you excited and energized for what lies ahead, even amidst uncertainty. This is the essence of Kavita’ coaching.

Career transition coaching extends beyond the tasks of resume writing and interview preparation.  It goes far deeper than that. It is about preparing a woman’s mindset for the transitions unfolding in her life.


What is Core Energy Coaching?

Core Energy Coaching is a transformative approach that unlocks the hidden potential within you, by forging an emotional connection between your inner purpose, passions, and your external goals and strategies. It paves the way for extraordinary and long-lasting results.

As a Core Energy Coach, Kavita specializes in guiding you to consciously tap into your core thoughts and emotions. She understands that genuine and positive change originates from within. This approach, often referred to as “coaching from the inside out,” forms the foundation of her coaching methodology.


It’s My Time Now Coaching

Kavita has customized a proprietary process and tools which she used to transition from a long-term corporate career of 25 years, to becoming a successful entrepreneur, coach, podcast host, course creator, writer and speaker.

She has first-hand experience with this process – it worked for her, and has worked for countless other women since then.

She has extensive experience coaching women experiencing career and life transitions, with a proven track record of working with a heart-centered approach.


By completing this program you will:

      ✓ Understand your true power, purpose and potential
      ✓ Develop a plan of action for your future
      ✓ Limit obstacles in your way and gain confidence in yourself
      ✓ Utilize your talents to the fullest to create a positive impact in the world
      ✓ Live your highest energetic potential

The program includes:

    1. 12 – 1 hour one-on-one private & confidential personal coaching sessions over 3 or 4 months (weekly or bi-weekly sessions)
    2. Proprietary tools, templates and exercises to work on between sessions
    3. Initial ELI assessment and final ELI assessment as 2 added bonus sessions
    4. Personal coaching support in-between sessions

Tools which will be used include:

؇ Energy Leadership Index Assessment
؇ Wheel of life tool
؇ Superpowers exercises
؇ Passions & Values assessment
؇ Ikigai or reason for being tool
؇ Inner mentor visioning exercise
؇ Identifying and releasing obstacles or energy blocks
؇ Confidence building guides
؇ Plan of action formula
؇ AIM Smart action plan & accountability tools

Kavita has completed extensive and rigorous training through an accredited organization called IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) where she applies Core Energy Coaching principles.

Through an initial ELI (Energy Leadership Index) assessment, she can help you identify the energy levels you are operating at, and help you raise your energy levels so you can become more aware of your actions and your choices in life. She will work through whatever you are struggling with and help you come up with a plan of action for your future.

Kavita is also certified in the ground-breaking emotional reframing technique, called HAIL™ through the Transition Institute and Linda Rossetti. The technique empowers individuals and organizations to start a new conversation about the emotions that can impede our progress in a desired direction.

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Let me help you rediscover yourself.

What can you expect from me?

Schedule a  complimentary 45 minute initial consultation with me.

We will discuss what transitions you are facing, and I will demonstrate my process, and explain how I am qualified to help you. We will determine if “It’s My Time Now” is a good fit for you. 

We will discuss your time commitment, results you can expect to achieve, and the financial investment in yourself.

Once you have decided to work with me, you can expect professional, private and confidential sessions of clarity and growth.

I always say, “You don’t have to give up everything. You just have to gain what has always been inside of you”. Let me help you figure out what that is.

Book a Complimentary 45 minute Initial Consultation.

Let me help you rediscover yourself.

Energy Leadership Index (ELI):

What is an ELI assessment?

The ELI assessment is an Energy Leadership Index assessment, which is an attitudinal  assessment tool that captures how you currently approach work and life.  With the awareness and insights gained through the Energy Leadership Index debrief, you have the opportunity to reshape your attitudes and worldview and “transform  who you are.” 

The ELI assessment can help you look closely at where (and how) you’re investing your  energy. In this way, you’ll be able to make a plan and adjust your priorities in support  of your work and life goals. As an individual, you’re likely to see transformations in your  relationships, confidence level, and leadership skills. 

In essence, Energy Leadership will help you lead by example, with power,  purpose, and passion. 

Kavita is certified as an Energy Leadership Index-Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)  and will connect you with the simple online assessment, which takes about  20 minutes to complete. 

Once the results are in, Kavita will guide you through a 1:1 Energy Leadership Index  debrief session. Through this personalized session, you’ll discover the percentage  of each of the 7 energy levels that you typically experience under stress and also  under “normal” conditions. 

You’ll also discover your Average Resonating Level of Energy (A.R.L.), which represents  the average of all your energy levels, under normal conditions and in reaction to  stressful circumstances. 

You’ll gain insights into where (and how) you’re investing your energy and discover a  clear path to your work and life goals—and likely, a higher A.R.L. 

You can choose to add the ELI Assessment as part of the  IT’S MY TIME NOW Coaching Program, which will include a preliminary  ELI debrief, and a final ELI debrief to  assess how your energy levels have indeed changed. 

Release Negative Energy Blocks

By reversing our thought patterns, we can begin to release our inner blocks. Download the PDF guide to help you move to a more positive energy state.

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