Collaboration between Power Purpose Play and JourneyWoman!

I’m excited to announce a new collaboration between Power Purpose Play and JourneyWoman!

JourneyWoman is the world’s most trusted resource for women’s solo travel. It’s led by a passionate and visionary CEO, Carolyn Ray.

I was honored to have Carolyn on our  podcast, The Midlife Reinvention in which she shared her own story of reinvention. From there, we realized we shared the same interest in helping women discover their true purpose, through travel with JourneyWoman and through the self discovery process with Power Purpose Play. 

Carolyn is a true example of how women can support and uplift women!

To that end, our signature program, “It’s My Time Now” is being offered to both our communities!

The course begins on March 22nd, and is open for 8 weeks of group coaching to a small group of women who are looking for answers to the questions, Who am I, really? What do I want? How do I get there?

Contact me for more information, or to schedule a call to discuss what is next for you, and to see if this program is right for you.

I’m looking forward to meeting you – remember – If Not Now, When?