Debra Voorheis: On Reinventing Our Careers in Midlife

Enjoy my conversation with Debra Voorheis, on how we can reinvent our careers at any stage in life. Think about your strengths, passions, and how you can weave those into what you want to do moving forward.  Look at the breadcrumbs in your life because they may lead you somewhere you never expected. Don’t limit yourself or close the door on possibilities!

Debra is a senior executive with leadership experience across a broad range of industries, She joined the Bigwin Group with a passion for empowering people and identifying and working with diverse teams. As Partner, Deb plays a key role in the Bigwin Group’s innovative and creative work to help organizations grow and develop. A successful builder of high impact teams, Deb’s background includes professional services, luxury goods retail management and not-for-profit fundraising. In addition, she has consulted in the area of business development in the arts sector. Deb is a talented, results driven strategist who will work to build revenues through strong relationships.

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Here are her key takeaways:

  1. All of our experiences add up to make us successful – what do you love, what are you passionate about? Look at the breadcrumbs in your life because they may lead you somewhere you never expected.
  2. What are your transferrable skills? You have those skills in you, you just have to learn how to tell the story. 
  3. Women in midlife have lived experience. We’ve done budgeting,  people management, event planning, organization, crisis management, and you’ve used humor or tears to get through things. Its dismissive of society to think that women who are mid stage of life can’t continue to contribute. 
  4. Women need to talk about themselves more and be willing to try. Don’t be so afraid. Don’t limit yourself or close the door on possibilities.
  5. Diversity also means diversity of thought. What are your own non-conscious biases? You can do something about it. Non conscious means you’re not thinking about it, and you could be thinking about it. 
  6. After transitions like divorce, you really need to find almost like your own personal board of directors. People who will give you the unvarnished truth. To get over challenges it’s important to surround yourself with a tribe and ask for help of a coach, for example. Someone who is objective and encouraging – more than others may be.
  7. it’s never too late to reinvent yourself and even if you’re thinking – what do I do when I retire – you need to start thinking about that now and not wait!

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