Dr. Rupinder Toor: On Women’s Health and the Importance of Empowering Women and Girls

I so enjoyed my conversation with Dr. Rupinder Toor. Her passion for the advancement of women’s health and the empowerment of women and girls and her work in the field of reproductive healthcare is so impressive and important. We can all learn so much from her, and her mission to champion women’s health and culturally appropriate healthcare as well. 

Dr. Toor is the Founder & Medical Director of The IUD Women’s Clinic. She has been a pioneer in establishing women’s health as an area of focus within the scope of Family Medicine, and shares her passion for these areas with students, health care professionals and her community.  

You can find Dr. Toor here and be sure to listen to her recent TEDx talk!

TEDx Talk

Here are her main takeaways: 

  1. There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come but you just need to be listening for those ideas, because they will come to you in that moment. Don’t worry too much about the details. The details will sort themselves out. You just need to be open to listening
  2. We need to reframe how we look at aging and not equate aging with decline – it’s not serving us well. We do not become older, we just become more of who we really are. 
  3. When something is calling for you – why would you not answer? There is something that’s tapping at your door – saying “hey look over here in this direction”
  4. The roles we play – when we get to 50 some of those roles go into auto pilot – we have this window of time now – its like we are recycled teenagers
  5. The first half of your life is all your learnings, your teachings and what your supposed to be doing and as you get older its the process of unlearning and dropping the things that no longer serve you. It’s so exhilarating !
  6. I no longer have a bucket list – I have another list – it rhymes with bucket!
  7. Women need to realize the value of the resource of women. Because we are biologically and socially designed to look after everybody – the collection of our wisdom is a huge resource. We need to share our knowledge
  8. You don’t have to have had any special life journey – your life journey as a woman is special enough
  9. Birth control is not about sex it’s about having a reproductive life plan and feeling empowered in that plan. It is the most innovative disruptive technology for women 
  10. Empowered women birth empowered societies

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