Elle AyoubZadeh: On Beautiful Shoes … Walk How You Want

 I loved my conversation with Elle AyoubZadeh, not only because of her inspirational story of how she created the beautiful brand which is Zvelle, but also because of her warmth, honesty, and courageous views on life and how we should all, Walk How You Want.  I’m sure you’ll love to hear her wonderful story of starting her own business and her views on empowering women. 

Elle AyoubZadeh is the Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Zvelle.

For Global Citizens enriched by all cultures and connected to all people, Zvelle offers accessories that support individual attitudes and unchartered pathways, so we can move through the world in our own way. Walk How You Want.

You can find Elle here:


www.zvelle.com Note: Zvelle is only sold on zvelle.com and in our Toronto showroom located at 131 Davenport Road, Toronto, M5R 1H8

Here are her key Takeaways:

  1. You can be courageous but scared at the same time. Fear is a good emotion to feel because it shows that you’re alive and how important that thing is to you
  2. The scariest thing is being on your deathbed and wondering why you didn’t do it. 
  3. Fashion for centuries has played on women’s insecurities, and our mission is to revolutionize the way women are portrayed through fashion
  4. Walk how you want. We listen to so many others, and we forget to listen to ourselves; to our own voice.
  5. Make sure that you’re with someone that will give you that space to be yourself and to express all facets of yourself 
  6. The first step of empowerment is to empower yourself. Your own cup has to be full. 
  7. Life can be very short or very long depending on how you live it.
  8. The small things are the things that matter. Life is made up of all these little things. Coffee in the morning. A genuine compliment. 
  9. Women are not encouraged to talk about themselves. We need to encourage other women to shine. The most empowering thing you can do is to celebrate someone
  10. What we’ve learned through these times is the importance of actually listening to each other, and being open to new experiences and connections

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