Emmy Rousseau: On Being a Warrior of Love

Enjoy my conversation with Emmy Rousseau and I hope it gets you thinking about loving yourself first, and that self-love is selfless, not selfish!

Emmy Rousseau, Warrior of Love, is the founder of Trinity Transformations and the Holistic Healing Hub. She empowers changemakers to go from feeling flat to in flow, so that they can create the change in the world they were born to make.

Emmy is a certified teacher of 22 years, transformational speaker, Emerging Speakers: Visionary Voices Club Mentor, activist, and fitness instructor. She is a contributing author to the upcoming book, Our Yellow Brick Road.  Emmy has spoken at numerous local and international conferences, summits, retreats, and podcasts.

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 Here are her key takeaways:

  1. Having depression is a medical issue – it’s a chemical imbalance in your brain – it’s no different than if you had diabetes and you needed insulin
  2. It’s a circular path – more gratitude leads to more joy leads to more  self love which leads to more gratitude
  3. Self love is your first and most important love and is how you can actually serve the world best. If you start serving from your overflow, everyone is served a million times better, including  yourself. 
  4. Meditation, breathwork, movement, even walking and journaling  – they help you to be present in the moment, and tune out the external noise. Any activity can be meditative if you are taking it in a mindful way. 
  5. intenSati – a practice which takes the mindset and movement piece and it is not additive – it is exponential. The physiology of moving your body while you are saying affirmations helps it to sink into your unconscious because you are not resisting the affirmations.
  6. You have to believe that you can change your thoughts – a growth mindset means you can get better at anything with guided practice. 
  7. The intuition is like the quiet whisper that just speaks once and leaves for quite some time. Versus the program, which is the replay in our mind which comes back over and over – it is not the intuition. 
  8. Whatever question that comes to your mind is the right question for you – put it out there, and be open to the answers, they will come, and probably not in the way you expect them.

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