Genein Letford: On Intercultural Creativity

Enjoy this next episode of The Midlife Reinvention Podcast, where we learn from Genein Letford about Intercultural Creativity, among many other important and relevant topics  we can all apply into our lives.
As the 2019 LA Lakers Business Woman and the 2015 CA Charter Teacher of the Year, Genein is a national thought leader and creator of the concept of ‘Intercultural Creativity™’.  She is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of CAFFE Strategies,  and her 7 Gems of Intercultural Creativity is a leading framework that encourages corporations in their diversity and inclusion development. Genein believes creative thinking thrives best in an inclusive environment and she is often called ‘America’s Creative Coach’ for her work in reigniting intercultural creativity within our workforce.
You can find Genein here:

Here are her key takeaways:

  1. The number one skill needed in the workforce today is creative thinking. People can be creative, but if you’re not in an environment which is inclusive, then the creativity skills don’t matter because you’re not able to really execute. 
  2. Cultural competence is your ability to be observant of different cultural situations and you are able to see the complexity within them
  3. The 7 Gems of Intercultural Creativity are 1) A creative growth mindset 2) An open mind and open heart  3) I see you, I see me  4) Curiosity 5) Perspective Shifting  6) Authentic Adaptation 7) Being a Bridge 
  4. To get out of a fixed mindset become self aware, and put yourself in experiences where you are not a master. Try something new for the first time. 
  5. How to release the limitations we set on ourselves? Be true to yourself. Be conscious if you are over identifying with a particular title or roles. Give yourself grace.  Have self compassion and get back to the basics, like your breathe. 
  6. Play allows to get the brain into its innovation network. You find yourself doing that when you are in play or flow.  
  7. Be aware that what is obvious to you, may not be obvious to others. You are assuming that others know what you know. But we need to share. 
  8. When you leave this earth, try to make sure everything is out of you. What does it mean to be alive and what does it mean to have a life well lived?  All the great gems and ah ha moments – put them somewhere – so someone can glean from the wisdom that you acquired during your time here because you are meant to shine bright like a diamond!

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