How to Find Your Ikigai, or Reason For Being

Ever felt like hitting snooze on life itself? Imagine waking up with purpose every morning, excited for the day ahead. In this episode, we dive deep into discovering your “Ikigai” – your reason for being – and why it’s the key to unlocking true fulfillment.

 Do you ever find yourself struggling to muster enthusiasm for your daily routine, despite having everything you need? Maybe you’ve experienced those Monday mornings where hitting snooze feels like the only option. 

Discovering your “Ikigai,” your reason for being, holds the power to aligning your life with who you truly are and what you genuinely desire. Through understanding and embracing your Ikigai, you can experience decreased anxiety, enhanced immune function, and increased resilience – paving the way for a life filled with purpose and joy.

In this episode you will:

  1. Uncover the secrets to waking up every morning with excitement and purpose, no matter where you are.
  2. Learn practical steps to identify your strengths, passions, and values, leading you to discover your ikigai.
  3. Experience the transformative power of aligning your life with your reason for being,  and finding true fulfillment and happiness.

Ready to unlock your path to fulfillment? 

Tune in now as Kavita helps you discover the steps to finding your Ikigai!

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In this podcast, we delve into the challenges and opportunities that come with midlife career transitions, addressing the importance of change, finding one’s Ikigai, and building confidence, especially for women. We explore the impact of limiting beliefs and midlife crises, while also discussing visualization, manifestation, and the journey of self-discovery that leads to reinvention and fulfillment, all while providing valuable career advice.