Isabelle Fish: On Creativity and Community

We can learn so much from Isabelle Fish, on the importance of Creativity and Community in our lives. The story of her evolution from lawyer to businesswoman to patron of craft and design and builder of communities, is sure to inspire you!

Isabelle Fish is a crafts and travel insider and the founder of Rue Pigalle. She curates and leads women-only trips for intimate groups of art, crafts and culture lovers who wish to expand their worldview, network and knowledge in a purposeful yet fun way. She launched The Club, by Rue Pigalle to bring this community of engaging women together. 

Born and raised in France, Isabelle studied law and practiced in several countries before moving to Toronto and founding her eponymous boutique, which operated in Toronto’s cultural hubs.

Wanting to go one step further in connecting her clients to designers, in 2016 Isabelle shuttered her bricks and mortar location to launch the travel arm of Rue Pigalle, offering an insider’s view into cities such as Paris, London and New York through the lens of art, jewelry and design. Private visits with artists and designers at their ateliers, discovery of haute couture salons, behind the scenes museums tours and fabulous hotel stays are just a few of the unexpected experiences travelers will enjoy on a Rue Pigalle tour. Isabelle also invites her clients to virtual gatherings with artists in their studios around the world.

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 Here are the Main Takeaways from Isabelle.

  1. If you want to change things, start from a place where you have someone or a system that gives you the confidence to change, and gives you the strength to face the obstacles  
  2. How do we learn to believe in ourselves? 1) trust and follow your instincts 2) realize what the real risk is 3) have someone who will reflect to you the “so what?”  4) Find the courage to make your own mistakes to gain confidence.
  3. Take a walk with yourself and be honest with yourself- ask yourself, are you prepared to do this? 
  4. Be sure that you have your head and your heart aligned.
  5.  Learn to accept failure. Failure is the best education
  6.  Share your courage and self confidence with others. We must be open to providing that support.

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