Jack Perez: On Kuel Life & Normalizing Aging for Women!

I trust you were blown away by Jacqueline (Jack) Perez’s incredible positive energy and humor and gained a lot from our conversation. Through her platform, Kuel Life, Jack champions change, normalizing aging for women through curated content and women-driven brands. 

Jack founded Kuel Life in 2017 and the community grows daily. With over 54 Kuel Life Industry Thought Leaders and 40 women-driven brands, Kuel Life offers women an opportunity to Share, Learn, Shop, and Play with Our Second Act Sisters! 

 Previously,  Jack spent 20 years at Summit Strategy Partners, a San Francisco-based marketing and public relations firm, as a founding partner. Jack brings deep, start-up experience; having worked with hundreds of small to midsize companies. She is excited to finally birth her own start-up. Having earned an MBA from the University of Chicago, Perez carries a hard-nosed business understanding to the entrepreneur world.

You can find Jack here:

Here are her key takeaways:

  1. Women are freaking amazing!  Even though there has been a proliferation of women driven brands now – there’s still not enough!
  2. We have been taught that there  is just not enough room at the table for us women. So we’ve got to be better than everyone else. And work 5 times as hard as anyone else so we can get that coveted seat. The best thing about platforms like Kuel life and Power Purpose Play is that the entire table is for skirts!
  3. Normalizing aging means we as women have to stop judging one another. We should all feel empowered by each other’s decisions and choices and have that room to not judge. It would be really wonderful if we gave each other more room to express ourselves and make choices for ourselves that have nothing to do with  impressing anyone else.
  4. It’s never too late – as long as your breathing and in the world, the opportunities are there!
  5. Fear can be a very powerful motivator. If I have made a decision that I want to pursue something and it’s a bit intangible then I ignore the fear;  I register its there and I ignore it because the fear is not there to save me, the fear is there to trip me up.
  6. If you believe in your plan and its sound, then the fear – it’s just noise. Start small, be courageous over something that isn’t that scary – start getting those in your “win column” 
  7. The best thing about being older is I fight less – I fight against the current less. If the universe sticks something in my way, I get curious about it instead of angry about it. If you’re determined there is really nothing you can’t do.

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