Jewel Veitch: On Igniting Your Soul’s Gifts

Enjoy this podcast episode as I interview Jewel Veitch as she gives us insights on how we can  ignite our soul’s gifts to and help us find our  purpose.  As a seasoned transformational mentor, spiritual guide, author, and speaker in the field of personal and career development, Jewel elegantly explains how to listen to our heart intelligence to answer, what am I to do next? 
Jewel is the International Best Selling author of True Gifts: Ignite your Soul Magic and Monetize the Highest Expression of your Purpose. She has supported countless women to launch their dream of building a legacy through igniting their soul gifts to their purpose on this planet, while getting paid to do what they love.  Her influence is helping people to choose and engage in careers and businesses that are a DIRECT reflection of their authentic soul’s expression

 You can find her here:
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Here are her Key Takeaways:

  1. Acknowledge the breadcrumbs that lie before you on your path which come from your life experiences. Recognize them for what they are, and see them as signals. Ask yourself, “I wonder what’s here for me in this breadcrumb?”
  2. Extract the nuggets of gold from your experiences in life, and then weave those pieces together to create this next chapter – this next masterpiece of life or reinvention that we are in stepping into.
  3. Inner core work is really going within and tuning into the core of your being in order to rise to your full potential.
  4. Its important to tap into the heart intelligence – coming back to your heart and the language of your heart. That quiet soul’s whisper. To answer those questions about what am I meant to do next? 
  5.  Listen to your heartbeat – your heart is an electromagnetic forcefield and when the heart is open, it magnetizes what we desire.
  6. Mindfulness is present moment awareness at that is the key. Of our breath, of our heartbeat, of our thoughts.
  7. Fear is actually a catalyst to point us in a direction of where we need to grow and stretch.
  8. Acknowledge if the desire to step forward and do something new is greater than the fear and ask yourself – what if my desire for this is greater than my fear?
  9. Rather than looking at the stairwell and trying to see 30 steps up, just look at the next step and that one step will open up something, even if you don’t know what it is.
  10. Have self compassion and self acceptance that you are doing the work and that by doing the work, you are moving in the direction of your desire.

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