Karen Herbert: On Our Empty Nest, and Having Healthy Relationships With Our Adult Children

I so enjoyed having Karen Herbert on our podcast and we have so much to learn from her about dealing with the transition in our empty nest years, especially our changing relationships with ourselves and our loved ones, including our young adult children.

Karen  is a certified professional coach and the founder and CEO of Themelios Coaching.  Karen specializes in helping women embrace and seize the opportunities in the empty nest transition. A mother of three young adults, she has a Master’s degree from Notre Dame and hired her husband, also a certified coach, as her first employee.   She started her coaching journey as she struggled with chronic Lymes disease and battled the mental health system for her family’s needs.

You can find Karen here:

Here are her key takeaways: 

  1. Set an intention for the empty nest years. What are you waiting for, really? Be intentional in what areas of your life you want to create a new vision for yourself. 
  2. We all have obstacles and they are real, but we can’t let them stop us from bringing out what we are meant to bring out to the world.
  3. Our relationships with our young adult children changes – it’s so important to create a vision of what that relationship will look like moving forward. 
  4. As mom’s rather than putting ourselves last or waiting till the end to fit our puzzle piece in, let’s be part of the mix. You are the piece of the puzzle – our needs and desires are as important as everyone else. Put yourself back in the mix!
  5. We don’t want to just fill the time. Be intentional about engaging with the transition and choose the things that are right and powerful for us, and not just do the next thing. 
  6. The goal should be to have a healthy, loving adult relationship with our children. It’s not about creating certain outcomes in their lives. It’s so important for us to release control and allow them to be empowered to embrace their own  outcomes. 
  7. Young adults really hate when 1) they are feeling judged – listen and respond without judgement, ask curious questions rather than jumping in with our own opinions. 2) unsolicited advice – ask permission before offering advice or opinions. 

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