Kavita Ahuja: On Being Vulnerable

Be inspired as Kavita, founder of Power Purpose Play speaks from the heart about her thoughts surrounding vulnerability, and how, as Brene Brown describes, “Vulnerability is basically uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.”

We all experience some form of vulnerability at different times in our life. The key is to try to detach yourself from the consequence of your actions, don’t be so concerned with external validation, and try and let go of that Gremlin that tells you, “I’m not good enough”.

There is catabolic energy or a destructive tearing down force, which is often associated with stress. There there is anabolic energy which is a constructive, building up force. With this type of energy, its easier to focus on solutions, tap into creativity and experience a more complete and conscious view of situations.

The less judgement and fear people have about themselves and situations, the more anabolic energy they can access. So when you judge yourself, worry about what other people think, and strive for perfection,  you are operating at catabolic energy levels. Versus when you are free from trying to be perfect, bring out what is inside of you without fear of judgement or without attaching yourself to the outcome of your actions, you operate in an anabolic energy state.

Kavita wants you to access those high anabolic energy states so you can be your most creative, excited, brilliant and beautiful self.

Be vulnerable, take chances, don’t worry so much about how many followers you have, how much you are going to make, what will people think, how you look, how you sound, being perfectly perfect. 

Be yourself and figure out what it is you really want in your life moving forward.

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