Kavita Ahuja: On Life Lessons From a Little Bird!

Join Kavita Ahuja in this short solo podcast episode as she tells a story of a little bird who was trapped in her house, and the life lessons we can learn from it. It’s all about our comfort zones and how we react when we are taken outside of them. 

When we, as humans, find ourselves in similar situations – outside of the regular routine, or what we are used to – we also panic. We “fly around” like the little bird – flitting from one place to the next – banging our heads against the proverbial window wishing to get out of the situation.

How many times have you felt outside of the environment where you are comfortable, and have panicked or felt so out of control that you just wish you could leave? That is what this little bird experienced.  If something presents itself to us which places us outside our zone of comfort, we panic and don’t know what to do. We fight against it and, rather than stopping, assessing the situation, and trying to grow into the situation, we try to flee, just like the little bird.

But what if we do the opposite? What if we become comfortable with our new surroundings or situations, and rather than panic, figure out how to survive in this new paradigm? Wouldn’t that mean that we have a new environment in which to thrive and grow?

The only real way we can grow, thrive and expand ourselves is if we step outside of our own zones of comfort. We limit ourselves for fear of failure or judgment, or yes, even a fear of success. 

What is something that you have always wanted to do, but haven’t done it yet, for fear of failure or judgment or success? I can help you discover what that is, and help you soar!

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I am offering you my services because I want to see you soar, like that little bird, with nothing blocking you, and with the confidence knowing that you, my friend, can do anything you really want.

Remember, if not now, when?

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