Kavita Ahuja: On Loving Yourself First

On this Valentine’s Day, enjoy this mini podcast episode where Kavita shares her thoughts on the importance of Love, and Loving Yourself First.  She discusses Why she created Power Purpose Play, and why she believes you have the potential to be who you want to be, and do what you want to do. In the process, we can make the world so much more positive. 

Do you love yourself? Why or why not? Celebrate all the good things about you, and love yourself.  “Love yourself first my friends, and you will see how much easier loving others becomes.”

We know how you may be feeling. You may be unfulfilled, frustrated with your career, your health, your relationships. You may also be stuck, because you feel you are not capable of doing what your heart tells you. You may not have the confidence to take the next steps. We get it, because we’ve been there. 

But we do have a choice. We can all go through life being “fine” – but is that what you want to be? Just “fine”? How about “the best you can be?” I didn’t want to look back at my life when I’m 80 years old and have regrets that I didn’t follow that little voice inside of me and take the risks. I don’t want that for you either. 

It’s hard, and transitions in life can be daunting. But everything worthwhile is hard at first. Rediscovering yourself is not an overnight thing either. But if you want to take the first step towards rediscovering yourself, so you CAN be the best version of yourself you can be, take action.

To help you take the first step and then the next, join our group learning program called “It’s My Time Now”. Beginning on March 22nd, join a small group of women who are saying with confidence, It’s My Time Now, to figure out who I really am, what I want, and how to get there. 

Here are details of the program  https://learn.itsmytimenowcoaching.com/ Contact Kavita for more information at kavita@itsmytimenowcoaching.com

Reach out to her for personal coaching services  also and to book a free discovery call with her here: https://calendly.com/powerpurposeplay/30min