Kavita Ahuja: On Our Four Different Life Stages or “Ashramas”

Enjoy this episode of The Midlife Reinvention podcast where Kavita ponders the question, “Why do we do the things we do?” If we can have a clear answer to that question, we are so much more far ahead.  She also discusses the concept of Ashramas – which, according to Hinduism, are the four stages or transitions in life that we go through. These stages in our life are not something we should be afraid of or avoid. Every stage has its beauty and benefits. Do you believe that the best years of your life are behind you, or ahead of you?

Sometimes we fight against the natural order of things because we want to hold on to what has passed. Or we are so focused on achieving the thing – going through each item in our bucket list – that we don’t enjoy the journey. 

Try to remember everyday that you are exactly where you are meant to be, and everything is perfect and unfolding exactly as its meant to be for your  own growth and evolution. The universe is conspiring in our favor, whether you realize it or not – do you believe that? 

If you think that the best was behind you and there is not much more that you can do, then that is exactly what will happen. If, however, you look to the present moment and see all the possibilities it holds, you will see how the world opens up with all its possibilities. As Wayne Dyer says,  “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

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We will then take you through a visualization exercise to meet your inner mentor – which is you – 20 years from now. We will go through a process to identify and quieten your inner obstacles, and go through methods to increase your confidence so you can reach your inner mentor. Finally we will lay a framework to work on a plan of action, and ways you can be accountable for that plan.

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Remember, if not now, when? 

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