Kavita Ahuja: On Realizing Your Dreams

Join Kavita Ahuja, Founder of Power Purpose Play as she muses about the importance of realizing our dreams.  She talks about how dreaming is not just for children, and somehow, as adults, we have just stopped doing that.

Her message is to DARE to DREAM, and that despite our perceived insecurities and lack of confidence, if we put our true intentions out into the world,  the realization of our dreams is possible.

Kavita celebrates the launch of our signature course: It’s My Time Now: How to Rediscover Yourself in Midlife. It is a step by step guide which she followed, and she is giving you the tools to help you realize your dreams.  But it’s not just about dreaming. It’s about taking action on an idea, a twinge in your heart, that keeps on getting louder, so much so that you can’t ignore it any longer. 

This course is about taking what is inside of you and bringing it out into the world. It could be you are stuck in your career and don’t know what to do next. It could be that your kids are now away and you’re wondering, what’s next? It could be that your relationships no longer are serving you, or that your health or spirituality is not where you want it to be. We explore all of that and help you find your reason for being.

Kavita will walk you through a process she developed called the Pyramid of Reinvention, and there are 6 levels which culminate in a plan of action for you. You can choose between independent learning, where you start and study at your own pace in a completely online program. Or you can choose group learning where she will guide you and a small group of women through the pyramid of reinvention in 8 transformational weeks. Or you can choose private learning where Kavita will personally coach you in 12 personal coaching sessions.

All the details and how to register can be found here.

The first cohort starts the week of October 4th and if you or a friend register by midnight on Friday, September 17th you will receive 10%  off the cost of the course! We believe so strongly that you will gain so much from this program, that we are offering your money back for the group learning piece as long as you have put in a bit of work.

In addition, we believe so strongly in the power of women and girls, that we are dedicating 10% of all proceeds to reputable charities supporting the empowerment of women and girls worldwide.

Say it out loud, my friend, It’s My Time Now! It’s not being selfish. It’s bringing out your best self so you can live the life of your dreams. 

We hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey and Kavita can’t wait to be your guide!