Kavita Ahuja: On Thinking Positive Thoughts

Enjoy this mini podcast episode where Kavita shares her thoughts on the power of positive thinking. Thoughts become things. If every thought is like a raindrop which collects and flows into a stream, which then collects momentum and now runs into the river, pushing forward, pushing forward, finally releasing into the ocean – full of possibilities. If  we resist that drop of water it won’t flow. Even the thought of resisting that drop of water will stop it from dripping. 

Thoughts become things, and if the thoughts we think allow the positive flow of energy forward – it feels so good. We don’t need to know exactly where that drop of water or thought will end up or how it will manifest, but we have to have faith that without obstruction – it will naturally flow to where it should. 

Be open to the possibilities and receive the signs everywhere. Think of filling your own stream of water with ease. Think of how that stream moves forward, builds momentum, until finally it bursts into the vast ocean of possibilities. It is fuelled by momentum – which are your positive thoughts. Your thoughts – every one of them – become things – choose those thoughts which allow that steady stream of water to move forward with ease.

What positive thoughts will you think of today?

Often, we have a wish or desire that something manifests in the future which we really, really want. We can feel it in our bones. However, it may not appear as we hope it does. Why does that happen? It’s not because it never will. If our inner being really knows that thing is available to us, it will happen. It’s about letting go and thinking positively – and one way or another that thing will manifest itself.

Many people would say – you can’t just think positive thoughts and things will just happen – and that is true. You have to also be in tune to what’s around you – what things come your way everyday – and pay attention to them. We must include positive action in addition to our positive thoughts. Notice things that come your way – Are they contributing to that positive flow of energy or detracting from it?

Choose positive things and people that attract positivity into your life. It’s difficult to always have positive thoughts because of course we are dealing with everyday life’s demands. If you can’t – it’s ok – – be kind to yourself. If negative pressures and stress builds up – just let it go. Take a rest and don’t beat yourself up. I often talk about Play – this is what I mean by Play. Let it go and enjoy life sometimes.

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