Lessons From A Week In Jamaica With No Luggage!

Like many of you, we decided to escape the frigid winter weather here in Canada and take a trip to Jamaica over the holidays.

“Our flight was not one, not two, but four hours late to take off.”

I was so excited! I meticulously packed my best outfits, bought that new bathing suit, matching shoes, jewelry, and makeup so I would have a great combination of everything I could possibly need to look and feel great while on vacation.

We arrived at the airport, like all the other giddy travelers hoping to take that one week in the sun to relax, enjoy, and be without worries.

It soon turned sour. 

Our flight was not one, not two, but four hours late to take off.

Not Bringing Half The Luggage:

“That’s ok,” I told myself, “Once we get there everything will be just fine!” As we finally were airborne, the pilot came over the system and said calmly, “Well, we had to decide. Either we cancel this flight, or we do not bring half the luggage. We decided that getting there is more important, so half of you will not have your luggage upon arrival!”

Anger, panic, and complaints ensued. I could just feel the energy of those around me completely change. I thought of all my beautiful outfits, my shoes, all my makeup, hair products, creams, hats, jewelry etc. which I may not have the pleasure of wearing as I planned in such detail! What was I going to do?

It turns out, not half, but three-quarters of the plane did not receive their luggage. We were part of the unlucky and did not receive our luggage until only two days prior to our return to Toronto. At first, I was really upset – how could this have happened? Why was I so stupid to not take some extra items in the carry-on? We arrived past 2am to our hotel in Negril, exhausted and upset. 

Enjoying My Time:

Then, the next morning, we woke up to a brilliant sun, a calm green/blue ocean, and a warmth that seeped into our souls. I laughed then – how silly was I? Who really cares about all these things I so meticulously put in my suitcase? Was the lack of these things really going to prevent me from enjoying my time here?

As the days went by, I realized increasingly how free I felt. I bought a few things of course – but that is all I really needed! Did I really need five pairs of different colored sandals? No! 

The experience of having less to worry about, fewer choices to make, and more time to focus on what really mattered was so much more important

As I pondered the lessons I learned from my lost luggage, I realize it really was a metaphor for our lives. We accumulate so much “stuff,” thinking it will make us feel better, when really – if we just took the time to feel better in the first place – isn’t that what life is all about? 

“I bought a few things of course – but that is all I really needed!”

Share The Lessons I’ve Learned:

As we move into a New Year, I will share these lessons here:

  1. Try and get rid of the excess “baggage” in your life. Ask yourself – what do I really need to be happy?
  2. Discover what really matters to you. Are you putting your attention to those things, rather than adding layers of confusion and noise around you?
  3. Can you be internally happy where you are, in this moment? Do you really need to have extra things or go to other places to be happy? 

If you are transitioning into something new – whether that is a new job, starting a new business, working on new and improved health or relationships – simplicity is the key to success. 

Carry-On Luggage:

We often make things more complicated than they really need to be. Start by asking yourself simple, clear questions like: Who do I want to serve in my new business? Why? How do I really want to feel in my body? Why? Or – what do I want this relationship to really look like? Why?

This New Year is a beautiful opportunity to start with a clean slate and self reflect on WHO you are now, and who you want to BE by the end of 2023. I’ve created a wonderful Self-Reflection Guide to help you get started and you can access it for free here

One last particularly important piece of advice I must give you:


Happy New Year, all!

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