Libby Wildman: On the Power of Connections, Our Stories, and Our Liminal Escapes

I loved my conversation with Libby Wildman, and I hope you do also. One of the greatest things about Libby is that at her core, and as we’ll discuss today, Libby loves to help people and is a natural connector. I discovered that myself when we instantly connected and she was so generous as to have me highlighted as a superwoman entrepreneur on her platform  A brilliant leader as well, Libby gives us so many wonderful takeaways that we can incorporate into our daily lives.
Libby is the head of wealth advisory at Davis Rea, she is the creator of Liminal Escapes, and the founder of The Collective. In the financial world, Libby’s mission is to help people achieve their definition of financial freedom faster. As the only woman in financial boardrooms for years, she never backed down from a challenge, but also wanted to give other women a voice and a place to do business on their own terms, so she founded The Collective to do just that.

 If that wasn’t enough, Libby wanted a further challenge and a further way of bringing people together who have a desire to explore themselves deeper. She designed Liminal Escapes as a retreat, held in majestic locations, where people will connect and create memories they’ll share for years to come. Her curated retreats are perfect for people who crave community, adventure and self-discovery.

You can find Libby here:

Here are her Key Takeaways:

  1. If what you are doing is not a “hell yes!” then, why are you doing it?
  2. If not now, when? I took the risk because the fear of not taking the risk overcame the fear of taking the risk
  3. We can’t do it alone – we need that “friend without a hook” that is going to listen to you and encourage to do whatever is inside of you. 
  4. If you are living in this place of fear about money, it can affect all other aspects of your life. Abundance is about that totality of your life, but if you have this deep seeded fear that you are going to be broke, it’s hard to get to those other areas of your life.
  5. Liminal means  – “to be on the precipice of something new, but not quite there yet” there are transitionary periods in our lives lets try and get a little insight into each other and understand small aspects of each other’s stories, so we can make these transitions easier. 
  6. If your curious and you ask the right questions and you shut up and listen, everybody has a fantastic story.
  7. The more and more we can help people create small pebbles which make bigger and bigger rings, the better our communities will be. 

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