Linda Rossetti: On Women & Transition

On this episode of The Midlife ReinventionKavita Ahuja interviews Linda Rossetti, who shares here wealth of experience and research on the topic of Transition.

Linda is a Harvard MBA and expert on transition and its impact on individuals and organizations. Her expertise is rooted in diverse roles; as CEO of a VC-backed tech company, as a Board member who led negotiations for a $1.5Bn healthcare merger, and as a C Suite executive at Fortune 500 Iron Mountain. Yet, nothing prepared her for her own unexpected transition. Over the past decade, Linda has conducted extensive research on the impact of transition and how to navigate it successfully. She is the author of 5-star rated Amazon Top Seller, Women & Transition. She also hosts the podcast Destination Unknown

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Here are her Key Takeaways

  1. We land at moments of transition when there is a shift in how we’ve come to think about ourselves. We as a society really misunderstand these moments.
  2. We often stall instead of using these moments of transition as a launching pad for opportunities to access more of who we are and the potential that is resident within us. 
  3.  There is a very stark difference between the words change and transition. Changes are very goal oriented. Transitions are when we are stepping into a process that has an unclear outcome.  
  4. Transitions include moments when there is a shift in what holds value and meaning to us. They require us to re-examine our assumptions about our identity, our capacity and our values
  5. Transitions have to do with connecting with our authentic voice, and our willingness to let others see who we are. 
  6. What is common to all is that we have the courage to ask questions about who we are and we are willing to entertain what the answers might be. These moments are incredible invitations to grow
  7. A barrier is anything that impedes our progress in a desired direction. If we can change our relationship to the barriers, we can learn to be successful in spite of the barriers. 
  8. Choosing transition may be re-aligning, maybe letting go of, or re-prioritizing our expectations.
  9. People who do transition  universally describe it as enlivening, and positive, and optimistic and additive to their confidence regardless of age. 
  10. Recognize that there is an opportunity to envision something big and take a small step in the direction of that big. Take a breath and see what you learned and then take one more step.

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