Mimi Bishop: On the Modern GenX Woman!

Enjoy this great conversation with the lovely Mimi Bishop – our joint goal to empower GenX Women will I’m sure motivate you to take some of our tips and build them into your own lives. As she says, there’s plenty of time to enjoy what’s in front of us, and we have the hard earned wisdom that we may not have had in our 20s or 30s. If we use that life perspective and couple that with what’s ahead of us, it can be magical!

Mimi  is the co-founder of Modern Gen X Woman, a company built by Gen X women, for Gen X women.  Their mission is to make Generation X Women the wealthiest female generation by way of business and career coaching. Mimi co-hosts the podcast Modern Gen X woman. Mimi is a certified life coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) who trained at IPEC. 

You can find Mimi here:

 Here are her Key Takeaways:

  1. Triggers can be subtle or significant – it could just be that you wake up one day and say, “you know what – I don’t want to do this anymore!” And – that’s ok! It is never too late to start doing something different 
  2. GenX women have been hidden for a long time but also have been the generation to bridge the divide between the boomers and the millennials.
  3. There are some collective traits that we share and some collective struggles.  For example, we had a lot of professional turmoil in the economy – recession, dot com, 911, 2008 meltdown, pandemic, along with dealing with children and our aging parents.
  4. We often suffer from the Worth deficit  where we don’t really own our worth or speak our value. 
  5. We must ask ourselves what is the Worth origin – where does this come from?
  6. When women have wealth we have the authority to revolutionize how business is done. Gen x women should lead the way because we are revolutionaries
  7. Advice to women thinking of a shift to entrepreneurship: 1) networking – its about reaching out to people and making genuine relationships 2) if not clear on what you want to do – work with a coach to help you figure that out. 3) be open to the things that just get you excited – that will give you clues 4) take it slow – do one thing at a time and do it well. 5) make sure you’re getting out in front of people you need to get in front of 

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