Neela White: On Longevity Planning, and Caring for Elderly and Dying Parents

Learn from Neela White’s own personal and tragic story of caring for her elderly and dying parents, and the passion by which she has drawn from her experience to provide insight to the work she does for her clients. Neela’s tips to have those open discussion about death and the preparation for it, both financially and emotionally are so important.

Neela White is a portfolio manager at 3Macs, a division of Raymond James Ltd., with more than two decades of experience working in the financial industry, providing insight and inclusive wealth management services for a variety of clients. Neela presents an empathetic approach when assisting clients with their finances and draws on her firsthand experience of caring for elderly parents. She advocates for open discussions about and preparation for life-changing events and their burdens, both financially and emotionally, to better equip and protect families against any long-term care costs. Her relatable style inspires families to examine their financial plan, and empowers them to have fresh conversations about viable options.

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  Here are her key takeaways: 

  1. Have those difficult conversations with your parents and loved ones. Ask the questions, what do you want? What do you expect of me? What do your finances look like?
  2.  None of us want to lose control. We need to acknowledge that at some point we will need help, and understand – where is that help going to come from?
  3. Women as a whole are disproportionately affected by caregiving whether raising a young family or taking care of aging parents . 
  4. Being a caregiver tends to make you isolated. It’s very important to maintain your social contacts 
  5. Take a moment to get out of your head and listen to what’s around you. Let go in the shower and cry. Let your senses take over for peace.
  6. Pat yourself on the back. None of these roles are easy, they don’t come naturally. Congratulate yourself. 
  7. Ask others for help; it takes a village. We can’t do it all ourselves. It’s not a weakness – we weren’t built to take on everything. 
  8. Remember to say thank you, and also be able to take one minute and say – what is one thing today that I’m grateful for? 
  9. Why do we put off things that we know are inherently important? Start today – start with one point and start today. Don’t put it off. 

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