On a Bee Sting & Back Pain…

Have you ever wondered how our physical bodies can heal so miraculously? 

I was reminded of that this morning and I was actually quite astonished. Over the holidays, I was stung by a bee while sitting on a beach and it hurt! Immediately my forearm started swelling and became ugly and inflamed, itchy and painful.

Over the following weeks the swelling died down, as my body naturally tended to its healing. This morning I looked at my arm, and to my surprise – it was completely healed – as if nothing had ever happened!

Over the last few months, however, I have also experienced persistent lower back pain which – unlike the bee sting – has gotten worse. To the point that my body is not healing itself, and I have to seek professional help to aid in its healing. After every session with my chiropractor, I feel that much better, and after every session where I stretch and exercise – I feel relief and I can feel my body slowly getting better.

It made me think about our inner selves. Sometimes we hurt inside, or have something within us which is not quite right. We can try and heal ourselves (like my bee sting) or, we can seek help to understand the cause of the problem, and work towards healing. 

That’s what I do. I help you heal from the inside and help you see all the possibilities for yourself that perhaps you don’t even know exist. After each session with me, you will feel better. If there is something in your heart which you want to bring out into the world, I will help you bring it out. I will help you heal from the inside out 🙂

Give it a try. I am offering a complimentary coaching session for you so we can get down to the core of what is stopping you, help you see a vision for yourself that is inside of you, and create a plan to get there.
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