On Assessing Your Current Life Situation, with Kavita Ahuja

Welcome to this week’s episode of The Midlife Reinvention podcast, where Kavita discusses the topic of transitions in our lives, and how we can take the first step towards rediscovery by assessing our current life situation.

She talks about understanding the difference between a midlife crisis and a midlife transition, and explores the U-Curve of happiness. She  discusses the 3 phases of a transition, including  triggers, decision and action.

Kavita will take you through her proven process of rediscovery called the Pyramid of Reinvention and will take you through an exercise on how to assess your current level of satisfaction in 8 areas of your life – called the Wheel of Life.  If you’d like to receive these tool, simply email Kavita at: kavita@itsmytimenowcoaching.com

If you’d like more information on Kavita’s coaching program called It’s My Time Now – reach out to her today for a complimentary consultation here

Jump through the episode with out timestamped chapters:

0:00: Start
1:10: Introduction
2:37: Complimentary consultation
2:58: Embracing Change
4:42: Understanding the Difference Between a Midlife Crisis and a Midlife Transition
5:22: Exploring the U-Curve of Happiness: A Journey to Fulfillment
5:59: Triggers: The Start of Embracing Change
6:13: Linda Rosetti interview
9:55: Exploring the Pyramid of Reinvention and the Wheel of Life
13:46: It’s My Time Now: Realizing Your True Purpose and Potential

Mentioned on this episode:
– It’s My Time Now Course
– Elliott Jaques on “Midlife Crisis”
– Linda Rosetti interview

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