On Creating Our Own “Lifescape”, with Monique Allen

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Enjoy this episode with Monique Allen, and her unique analogy of how we can learn so much from our landscapes and create the lives which we choose, to release that vital and beautiful energy of life. 

The Founder & Creative Director of The Garden Continuum, Monique has utilized her knowledge as a lifelong gardener, business developer, and educator to bridge the gap between landscaping and business building.  With that experience she launched her coaching career as The Lifescape Coach. Monique created The Life-Scape MethodTM, a strategy developed to guide people towards improving their land, lives, and professional satisfaction.  

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Here are her key takeaways: 
1) When you put your hands in the soil it has all the properties of nervous system regulation, anti-depression, and the healing power of the sun 
2) Cracks are where the light shines through. 
3) The ability to feel your way through is a feminine superpower. It doesn’t make women weak, it makes women super powerful  
4) If you can go from your lizard brain down into your gut and let your gut do the thinking and heart do the feeling, you can do so much better 
5) A lifescape is 1) organized 2) healthy and it has 3) wow factor – that vital energy
6) To be a gardener of people means that everyone that stands in front of you is unique, must be seen, valued and heard, and your job is to cultivate their seeds. 
7) The more you share out, the more you release it from your yourself; now you have this opening for another layer of learning to come in. 
8) Do not take offense – instead cultivate your agency, sovereignty, your power, your intellect,  ask intelligent questions, get more curious, don’t get offended! 
9) Be a Badass Crone – you don’t have to be limited by your age! Believe that its not too late and step into that curiosity 

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