On Dancing With Disruption, with Linda Rossetti

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Enjoy this powerful episode with Linda Rossetti, and you consider that the disruptions you may be facing in your life, are an invitation for transformational growth.  

 Linda  is a business leader, Harvard MBA, and social entrepreneur who is dedicated to advancing our understanding of and response to personal and organizational transformation. She is the author of two books, Dancing with Disruption, and, Women & Transition

You can find Linda here:

Dancing with Disruption is available in print, audiobook, and electronic versions wherever you buy books. 

Here are her key takeaways: 

 1) Those moments of disruption or shifts of how we think about ourselves are an enormous invitation to help us expand 
2) Disruptions in our adult lives are common and we now have this great opportunity to respond differently to them 
3) Changes are very goal oriented and are used to make alterations on an intact or static self concept. In transitions we are welcoming instability for a time but through that we are re-examining our assumptions upon we define our self concept 
4) If we choose transition, we invert the mountain – we expand as we go up, and it is repeated, regardless of the circumstances. We only have to make the choice of choosing the next trailhead. 
5) Emotions can serve as an oracle, not an obstacle to our success 
6) HAIL™ is a tool to help reframe our emotions – so our emotions don’t have such power over us on a daily basis. It diffuses an emotions power over us. 
7) Storytelling is a way to begin to think about what our truth is and to connect in a current way with our voice or our truth. 
8) You need people around you who can create a safe environment and ask – why not? They are essential for your growth. 
9) Never have we ever need everyone’s voice as we do now. Everyone’s voice matters. Engaging people to use their voices is essential right now. 

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