On How to Become a Female Entrepreneur in Midlife, with Resilience and Courage

Have you ever wondered how someone can turn life’s toughest challenges into their greatest strengths and build a thriving business later in life?

 In today’s episode, you will discover how our next guest Teresa Intag transformed her experiences with childhood adversity and midlife overwhelm into a powerful journey of entrepreneurship.

If you’re feeling stuck or uncertain about your next career step, this episode is for you. 

In this episode you will learn:

 1) Practical strategies to overcome the fear and self-doubt that often accompany career transitions.

 2) How building a supportive network can accelerate your success.

 3) Why it is so important to find and embrace your true passion, even if it takes time and experimentation.

 Tune in now to uncover the keys to turning your midlife transition into an energizing next chapter and start taking those first steps toward your dream career!

Key Takeaways from this episode:

  1.  Early struggles can become strengths, and starting as an entrepreneur is inherently messy. Accept imperfection and focus on progress.
  2. Take small, consistent steps to build confidence and overcome self-doubt. Reach out to mentors or coaches for emotional support and guidance.
  3. Avoid getting stuck in routine; stay deliberate in your actions and embrace the freedom to explore your passions.
  4. Regularly review your achievements to boost confidence, and trust your inner voice to guide you on your entrepreneurial journey.

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In this podcast, we delve into the challenges and opportunities that come with midlife career transitions, addressing the importance of change, finding one’s Ikigai, and building confidence, especially for women. We explore the impact of limiting beliefs and midlife crises, while also discussing visualization, manifestation, and the journey of self-discovery that leads to reinvention and fulfillment, all while providing valuable career advice.