On Living a Life Well Lived, with Sky Bergman

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Enjoy this episode with Sky Bergman and her insights on how we can all live a life well lived! Sky is an accomplished, award-winning photographer. Lives Well Lived, celebrates the incredible wit, wisdom, and life experiences of older adults living full and meaningful lives in their later years. 

 You can find Sky here:

The film is currently available here:

  Here are her key takeaways: 

1.    Instead of saying – why, say – why not, and from that moment on I have always followed my passion

2.    The one thing we all have in common is that we age every day! We should celebrate our aging.

3.    Your decisions should be based on your curiosity over fear, and what is the best that happens if I follow my curiosity?

4.    I don’t let money be the obstacle from doing something. As long as you have enough money to live then beyond that, it should not be an obstacle. 

5.    How can you make that obstacle a challenge instead? 

6.    There are so many times in our lives when we can’t control the things that are happening around us, but what we can control is our attitude about how we deal with those things.

7.     The common themes in the film 1) everyone had a good support system 2) they all had a sense of purpose 3) they all had that sense of resilience and positive attitude 

8.    Many times people reach their 50’s and 60’s and our sense of purpose has been our job, but that doesn’t always describe who we are.

9.     Cross generational work is the way of the future. We need to find a way to bring generations together to stop segregating by age and looking at the wisdom of both young and old. 

10.Time is the most precious gift that we can give – make a concerted effort to ask – where do you want to give that gift, and what do you want to be doing?

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