On Moving from Tragedy to Inspiration, with Dr. Zhu Shen

Enjoy this moving podcast episode, as you learn about the incredible reinvention story of Dr. Zhu Shen, from tragedy to inspiration. She  shares her vulnerable story about how she  “chose to bare my soul to reconnect with my son, reclaim my buried artistic prowess, transforming from a ‘Tiger Mom’ to a ‘Zen Mom’.”

 Dr. Shen is an award-winning writer, film producer, director working on her first personal documentary feature, JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES , “an ode to the bond between mother and son, told with radical vulnerability and honesty,” and “a deeply moving look into the love that binds a family.”

She is best known for producing a 2019 Oscar-qualified animated short, CHANGYOU’S JOURNEY, written & directed by her teenage son Perry S. Chen, in honor of her late husband, Dr. Changyou Chen, a Stanford-trained biotech founder & cancer researcher who lost his life to cancer itself. 

 You can find Zhu here:

Here are her key takeaways:

  1. You’re only limited by your own imagination.
  2. I’m gutsy and I’m not afraid. The fearlessness empowered me to think about possibilities in life. Ask people what you want! 80% of the time people say yes to me – because I thought of asking!
  3. What I’ve learned is that there are times when we don’t even know the inner strength that we have within us, when something tragic or devastating happens to us in our lives.
  4. When tragedy or setbacks happen in your life, you can view it as an opportunity and a test of your character. 
  5. Connect with like-minded people. You can start small – you don’t’ have to quit your job immediately when you’re realizing that what you’re doing is not what you want to do. You can start learning about the things that you may have interest in from your younger days.
  6. Start off with curiosity, and connect with people who are doing the things that you are curious about. Do something small and you will find out if its something you would truly want to do.
  7. When you see your own progress, that will give you more confidence to continue.
  8. Live the life you imagine!

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