On Navigating Mental Health Issues & Career Changes, with Dr. Jeanne-Mari Retief

This week’s podcast episode covers an important topic that you may be facing, and which hopefully will inspire you on your journey of healing. Dr. Jeanne Mari Retief speaks candidly about her journey of navigating mental health issues and career changes. Her story of how she integrated her previous career into creating something new despite her panic disorder, is a wonderful lesson for us all – that we can seek serenity yet still experience the adrenaline rush of creating something new.

You can find Jeanne-Mari here:

@jeanne_figgilife and @figgibeauty  @FIGGI
 www.figgilife.com and www.figgi.eu

Here are her Key Takeaways:
1) Mental illness still has such a stigma around it – it is misjudged – and there is a pressure to hide the diagnosis and shame around it 
2) Everyday you have to wake up and start over and try again and you have to be ok if you just have a bad day.
3) Find what works for you and don’t be too hard on yourself if you have panic attacks or mental illness. Whatever you need to do to make peace with that and to be kind to yourself, that’s what you need to do 
4) The more you talk about it, the more almost normal it becomes and the more normal it becomes the more you’re ok to make peace with it 
5) Nothing worthwhile is ever going to be easy – you will always have obstacles. If you’re going to make a change, just make sure you’re not making a change because you want it to be easier. Do something challenging which will still fulfill you 
6) Figs stand for reminding us that we are co creators of our universe and that we are all here to serve each other and to share in each other’s creative energy and to build each other up  
7) Self care is really about just caring about the space that you occupy and the energy you share with others 

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