On Our First Days, with Kavita Ahuja

Join Kavita, as she muses about our first days! As she watched the children in her neighborhood embarking on their first day of school – and witnessed their nervousness and excitement. She saw how this day brings sadness to the parents who separate from their kids, yet pride at what they have become.  As we pack our kids off to school, and settle back into our own lives – what is ahead for us? We all have the same feelings when we start something new. We have worry – will we be able to succeed? Fear – are people going to like me? Excitement – for all the new things we are going to learn and all the new people we are going to meet. Especially now, after 2 years of not seeing one another in person – this year is extra special.

Think about what you want your first day to look like. Whether that is a first day at a new job – a new career – or even the same career but with a different outlook on it. What will your relationships look like – can you bring the freshness back of the first day you met? How about when you felt so energized and healthy – can you bring that energy and vitality back into your lives?

It’s all starts with our thoughts. If you can think it, it can happen. Think of all the positive possibilities. Yes, there will be doubts, and yes, not everything is going to happen magically. But if you think it can, with every fiber of your being – it has to happen. It’s just law. Be open to the possibilities around you – put yourself out there even if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Go for what you really want because there is no time like the present. 

Kavita has created a system to help you get there. It’s called, It’s My Time Now, and you are invited with a small group of other like-minded women to join her this fall, starting the week of October 17th for 6 weeks of transformation. You will have Kavita live on zoom for 90 minutes each week for 6 weeks where she will take you step by step through this process she has created.  You will be with other women in this group who want the same things – who want to feel like their first days are ahead of them and not behind them.

 Are you interested? If so, email Kavita today at kavita@itsmytimenowcoaching.com and tell her why you want this day to be the first. She will send you all the details and the application form. It is only open to 10 women for maximum interaction and transformation. If you have even an inkling of curiosity – just reach out to Kavita, and she can get on a call with you as well to tell you more.

“I’m doing this because I want you to feel excitement for what lies ahead in your life. In every aspect of it. I want you to feel like that little girl – with her new uniform, as she smoothed her skirt down – looked up at her mom – and smiled that toothless smile. Bring her back, my friend – and I am here to help you do just that.”

Book a call with Kavita today for a complimentary coaching consultation, and to learn more about her signature Coaching Program, “It’s My Time Now!”

Email Kavita at kavita@itsmytimenowcoaching.com to find out more about her upcoming Group Coaching Program – starting the week of October 17th for 6 weeks of transformational and eye-opening training for a small group of 10 women.  Why do you think it’s YOUR TIME NOW?

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