On our most important relationship in life, with Kavita Ahuja

Join host Kavita Ahuja, as she discusses the importance of relationships in our lives, and the most important relationship in our life: Our relationship with ourselves!

She also discusses findings from a Harvard Research study looking at the number one thing that makes us happy in life, and helps us live longer. Tune in to hear more!

If you are at a transition in your career or relationships, or health – ask yourself first – how am I really doing? If you need support along the way, and a process to help you find the answers, reach out to Kavita. You can book a complimentary 45 minute initial consultation with her here

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[00:00:00] Start
[00:01:10] Creating a New Chapter: Embracing Change in the Midlife Reinvention Podcast
[00:01:56] Cultivating Our Relationships: Strengthening Our Connections for a Fulfilling Life
[00:05:42] Harvard research on "what makes us happy in life?"
[00:10:00] Creating a Positive Relationship with Ourselves: The Key to Healthy and Fulfilling Relationships with Others

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