On Reclaiming Your Feminine Power, with Tina Brigley

Enjoy this podcast episode with Tina Brigley – her energy and courage is palpable, and I hope you gain a lot of understanding about the benefits of reclaiming your feminine power in your life!  It’s about being open to the possibilities around us, and taking time to love ourselves first. 

Tina is an international coach, TedX speaker and 4 time global business award winner. Despite her success, she had to overcome many obstacles to breakthrough personal limitations. Recently a business setback had her reevaluate her priorities and desires. Tina is passionate about helping people reclaim their personal power so that they can become unstoppable. 

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Here are her key takeaways:

  1. Setbacks are often set-ups. We  see things that happen in life as setbacks when in fact they are usually they are a set-up for something bigger and better. 
  2. What I desire matters, how I feel matters, who I am in the world matters. I matter!
  3. I know that I’m the creator of my own reality and I sourced this happening for a reason.
  4. I’m open to receiving because I know that when there is a clear intention – it’s always reflected in the results. The results will show up.
  5. As women when we can reclaim that intuition, when we can slow down enough to listen, when we can really ask ourselves, what is it that we desire – what do I desire right now? 
  6. Avoiding conflict is manufacturing fake peace – you don’t want to manufacture fake peace – you want to be confident in what you’re asking for.
  7. Be selfish! Because when you are, you give away that to others. You give them permission to love themselves. And this is what’s missing in the world – self love.
  8. We need fear to experience courage and anytime we step outside of the container that we have been put in, it’s scary, but every time you do that, you develop the courage.
  9. When you have a relationship with yourself, you’re never alone – you are always with yourself! 

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