On Rediscovering Your Strengths, with Kavita Ahuja

Join Kavita Ahuja as she discusses the importance of identifying and celebrating your strengths! As women especially, we often don’t recognize, let alone celebrate our strengths and successes.

Why is it important to do this? And where do we even begin?

Follow along with Kavita as she takes you through the Pyramid of Reinvention – with the first step being Rediscovering Yourself.  Take some time to reflect on exercises which she takes you through, and see what opens up for you as you celebrate yourself.

This training will give you inspiration, guidance and tools  to really help you figure out your next steps. If you are in a transition right now – perhaps in your career or other aspects of your life, before you can take action with confidence, it’s so important to really rediscover who you are and what you really want.

In order to do that,  you must reflect on very direct questions that will require your honest answers. In order to make concrete and positive shifts we have to assess our current situation honestly. 

Enjoy this episode, and for more in-depth and one-on-one training, reach out for a complimentary consultation with Kavita at: kavita@powerpurposeplay.ca or book a call here directly!

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