On the Power of Our Third Acts, with Diana Dunbar Place

Enjoy this week’s episode of The Midlife Reinvention Podcast,  with Diana Dunbar Place on The Power of Our Third Acts. You DO have the power to create the next most exciting chapter of your life! Diana is the founder of Third Act Quest and the new 333 Collective – which are both her way of living her passion to reframe the perception and experience of aging by inspiring and connecting women as they create their life’s most exciting chapter — their “third act.

After years of dancing on the edges of her passions through a roller coaster life and career, it was the coincidence of three “lightning strike” experiences that compelled Diana to dig deep to focus on what she truly wanted to do with her “one wild & precious life.”

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Here are her Key Takeaways:

  1. The beauty of any transition is that there is unbelievable opportunity for growth, where you have the  opportunity to follow your  heart and not just your mind. 
  2. By the time you’ve been here for 50 years plus you have had so many experiences, including resilience, which is a gift.
  3. You are on the right path if you can stay curious and that helps you push aside fear, but moreover there are all these synchronicities as you follow your heart…it all seems to be served up to you on a path. If we are open to possibilities it can happen to any of us.
  4. I’m the driver on this bus – I get to decide which direction we go and we have a finely tuned GPS inside and we’ve got to listen to it and know when we are off course.
  5. Fear is powerful and it’s an essential part of being alive. It’s a survival tool, but we have to know where to put fear, we have to know when to listen to it and when it’s simply just holding us back.
  6. If we have a dream that’s inside of us…we owe it to ourselves to start the exploration.
  7.  This time is ours – I love the fact that I own this time – I literally own it, it doesn’t own me. If you think of it as owning the time, it feels like it expands.
  8. Ageism is real, its powerful,  and is tough for women. Every single wrinkle is a map of my life and this is me!
  9. Words make us think, stories make us link!

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