On the Power Trifecta! Women of Color Over 50, with Janice Sutherland

Enjoy this weeks podcast episode with Janice Sutherland who is sure to inspire you. Her confidence and no nonsense attitude towards life reminds us that  – regardless of your age, color, background or experiences – you CAN do this!

Janice Sutherland supports women to dream big while achieving their goals and career ambitions. As founder of This Woman Can, an award winning leadership and personal development company rooted in career mentoring for executive women, Janice now helps countless career minded women to re-align their careers while staying true to their values and personal and professional priorities.

Her professional career has spanned over 25 years of leadership with prestigious multinationals in the UK and Caribbean, she crossed continents to create a new life and make history when she became the first female CEO in the Telecoms Sector in her ancestral home of Antigua and Barbuda whilst in her 50s. Only to step down at the height of her corporate career to create a life on her own terms.

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Here are her Key Takeaways:

  1. Ask yourself what you really want. Not what society says you should have. That may have been ok in our 20s or 30s but now it’s ok if you actually want something different.
  2. Have a MacGyver mentality – that there is always a solution. You may have to take a couple of detours, but focus on what your end goal is. 
  3. Sort out fact from fiction and if this is what you want to do, be focused on it. You will always have your detractors, but similarly you’ll have people who support you on your side.
  4. Values evolve and change. When it comes to purpose – ask yourself – does this make me feel good? Does it make me happy?
  5. I always said I never want any “could have, would have, should have’s”. Always try something – and if it doesn’t work – then it doesn’t work  but at least you’ve tried!
  6. This is the power trifecta! Black, female, over 50! You’re getting me at my best!
  7. You are not starting over, you are starting from experience! There is so much we have right now that we can tap into now that we didn’t have in our 20s or 30s.
  8. You don’t need to be empowered when you already have the power!
  9. Make life extraordinary and measure success on your own terms. 

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