On Women and Leadership, with Palena Neale

Enjoy this informative podcast episode on Women and Leadership with Palena Neale. So many pearls to apply into our own lives! How do you lead in your life? At work? In your relationships? What about your health and wellness? Are you taking some time for YOU?

Palena is an accredited executive and leadership coach and educator, highly experienced in organizational and leadership development for the private sector, UN, government, non-profit, and academic organizations. She has designed and delivered leadership programs across four continents and founded Unabridged – a leadership development practice providing bespoke coaching, mentoring and learning for greater personal, professional and social impact. 

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Here are her key takeaways:

  1. In 2022, Globally, women in senior management is at 32%. In Canada, the number of women in the C-Suite is at 21%. The higher you go the less women you have in leadership positions. The pace is very slow and if we continue at this rate, we are not going to reach gender parity for 130 years. We certainly have more work to do!
  2. Many social, cultural and gender norms, as well as race, ethnicity and the double blind bias hold women back from leading and being more visible. Women are often having to balance likability and competence.
  3. A lot of time there is a strong hesitation to pursue visibility. And one of the reasons I, “well, my work should speak for itself”. There is a gender bias in being too visible, and to many, visibility means bragging, and bragging is bad! But, there is a lot of distance between talking about your work and shameless self promotion!
  4. There are 4 questions women can ask to rethink their professional goals: 1) What would your career or contribution look like if nothing was in the way? 2) What permission do you need to give yourself in order to become who you want to be? 3) How could you build access and support for your network? And 4) What do you need to learn? 
  5. Women are not as kind to themselves as they could be, and this is true of women leaders as well. It’s important to have a comprehensive view of listening, where you are listening to yourself with your mind, your thoughts, your body, what does it feel like? What does my context or my environment tell me? 
  6. How often do you take time to listen to yourself? And, when you do – are you receptive and empathetic? Does your listening have the key qualities of caring and support that you extend to others? Use the RAIN method to help you: Recognize what is going on; Allow the experience to be there, just as it is; Investigate with interest and care; Nurture with self-compassion.”

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