On Writing Our Own Playbook in Life, with Nancy A Shenker

Enjoy this next podcast episode with Nancy A Shenker, as she will make you realize that you can, indeed, write your own playbook – exactly the way you want it to be! 

A brand growth consultant and content strategist/writer, she established her own business — theONswitch — in 2003, when she was close to 50.

Nancy  published a column  called “The Silver Hair PlaybookTM: How to Be a Bad-Ass >50” as well as a guide to dating >50. She recently launched a stand-up act called, “I’m Not Your F*@!cking Grandma!” about perceptions of older women.

If that isn’t enough, she has written eight books,  an AI/machine learning/robotics site, a travel and lifestyle site, and authors a newsletter called route 66, about energetic aging.

You can find Nancy here:


Timestamped chapters: 

(00:00) Introduction
(04:46) Welcome Remarks from Kavita
(05:57) Introducing Nancy Shenker
(07:48) Nancy’s driving force behind reinvention
(15:23) Following your passions versus society’s expectations
(17:34) Overcoming fear and taking risks
(23:04) Women in technology
(28:25) Cross-generational collaboration and ageism
(31:47) Route 66
(33:57) Deciding who you want to be
(34:55) What does Nancy’s middile initial A stand for?
(36:46) Nancy’s mom learning to use an iPad at 94
(37:36) Connecting with Nancy
(39:56) Key takeaways


Here are her key takeaways:

1.   What is your innate superpower which you may have had since childhood? If we believe that we are washed up, then we will start to behave that way. As women we need to take back some of our power!

2.   We are the generation of women that is writing this playbook for the second half of our lives. It’s not the beginning of the end – it’s the beginning of the beginning.

3.   Challenge yourself everyday to do something that scares you, just a little, because that is how you stay fresh and how you grow and how you don’t become a geezer or that fearful older woman!

4.   If we as women look at everything we’ve done in our lives from when we were kids – we did a lot of scary stuff! Remind yourself of that!

5.   Our generation in many ways is the most qualified to lead the next technology evolution because we have seen it from the very beginning.

6.   Cross-generational collaboration is so important. You can gain so much working with people at all ages – their perspectives, skills, habits.

7.   We need to love ourselves first before anyone else can love us!  

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