Patti Pokorchak: On Living a Life With No Regrets

Enjoy this  colorful conversation with Patti Pokorchuk. Her positive spirit, no-can-do attitude towards living a life on the edge is both entertaining and inspirational. 

 Patti  was NOT a born sales professional. She was the shyest female tech pioneer, proving that ANYONE can learn how to sell, AND love it too. Patti now teaches Entrepreneurial Sales at Ryerson University, in Toronto Canada.

A serial entrepreneur since 1992, she helped co-found and run a software business, scaling to multiple 7-figures in sales before opening up her own hobby farm and garden center, despite not knowing anything about farming!

At the age of 25, she decided to start living a life with no regrets, turned her back on a promising career at IBM, and took on a one-way ticket to Europe for a year….. which ended up being 9 years.  Her adventures as a serial entrepreneur and living a life of experiences are in her book The Accidental Farmer.

You can find Patti here:

Here are her key takeaways:

  1. When you fast forward to  90 or 95 and are sitting on your rocking chair – your regrets at that age are your dreams for today, and it doesn’t matter what age
  2. If you’re not living on the edge a bit, you’re not living. If something you do doesn’t scare you a bit, then you’re not growing
  3. Once you make a huge life decision, the next one is a lot easier. 
  4. When your happy outside matches your happy inside that is true happiness
  5. Love yourself first and everything flows. What anyone else thinks of me is none of my business, what I think of myself is the #1
  6. I encourage people who have been through trauma to get professional help. Never give up to get to a place of happiness and peace – that’s the most important part. 
  7. Stop finding reasons not to do something and just go do it.  Don’t overanalyze. Be a bit spontaneous because you regret what you don’t do.
  8. Write down 5 things you are grateful for every day for a year. 

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