Rebecca Reynolds Moore: On Ambitious, Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship in Midlife

I loved my conversation with Rebecca Reynolds Moore, and, as one female founder to another, I loved her practical advice on starting “YOLO” businesses – even if you are in your 40s, 50s, or beyond. There is a new paradigm shift that is happening, and if you even have a little twinge in your heart telling you that something needs to change, follow it, my friend!

Rebecca is the Founder & CEO of InANutshell Consulting. She emboldens female innovators and thought leaders (who want to make up for lost time) to launch or grow their own business. She coaches ambitious entrepreneurs to monetize their unique brilliance so they can create a fulfilling, sustainable, and impactful livelihood.

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Here are her key takeaways:

  1. If more women started and ran their own business and had a voice in how to run businesses more humanely, we could make a paradigm shift in how businesses are run.
  2.  Blocks that stop us from moving forward include 1) fear of the unknown 2) become more conscious of unconscious programming in your head  3) fear and misinformation about and 4) judgement – either self judgement or from those closest to us 
  3. How do you develop courage? 1) Your sense of purpose has to be stronger than your fear 2) Constantly learning and getting better at what you do 3) separate to elevate, and  4) a willingness to fail 
  4.  Never before has there been a group of women that are more educated, more experienced, have an understanding of technology and are living longer than now. We have a lot of insights and a lot of energy – we are not done yet! 
  5.  Entrepreneurship is not about making millions instantly. It’s about making an impact – it’s about healthy ambition. It’s not a hobby – it’s a livelihood
  6.  Ask yourself, what were the highlights of my last 40 – 50 years, and what was the turning point for me?  It’s not just “life happens to you” but you can create the next phase of your life more than you could any other time.
  7. Practical ways of reducing the overwhelm of becoming an entrepreneur 1) have a realistic timeline – be willing for it to take a little more time or cost a little more 2) join a group of other entrepreneurs for accountability and camaraderie 3) delegate the things that drain you or that you’re not good at 4) get out and play – build that into your day or weeks 5) hire a coach because you’ll get there faster
  8. Its never too late to cultivate your purpose. We all age better when we find we have a sense of purpose and progress and when we are engaged in the world. 

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