Reinvention after 50: What does Retirement Mean Anyway? With Marie Jerusalem

Have you ever felt the pressure of societal expectations about age and retirement?

What if we told you that your 50s could be the most amazing time of your life?

In a world where our lifespan is longer than ever, the Midlife Reinvention Podcast explores how women in career and life transitions can turn uncertainty into an energizing next chapter. 

Today, we’re diving into a conversation with Marie Jerusalem, CEO of Rocket 50, a global platform for success in professional life after 50.

In this episode, discover:

1) Why you should stop thinking about age and retirement

2) The incredible opportunities your 50s hold 

3) Practical tips on breaking through stereotypes to pursue your true passions. 

4) Gain insights on building a support system, finding your passion, and creating a roadmap for the next fulfilling phase of your life.

Ready to transform your outlook on your post-50 journey?

 Scroll up and clip play now and unlock the secrets to living your best life after 50!

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