Rene Washington: On Shining Our Brightest Light in Midlife

I’m sure you enjoyed hearing from Rene Washington as much as I enjoyed interviewing her. A true Midlife Maven, Rene has given us so many reasons to take this next stage in our life and run with it! As she so aptly describes, amazing women like you should be running the world!

Rene is a master-certified life coach, podcast host, author, and midlife maven. She’s known for her straight-no-chaser style and for successfully coaching women through navigating major life transitions and breaking through what’s blocking them from their goals and dreams. In 2020, she established Career Triage, to help women in career transition align their next steps with their true passions in life.  More than a career transition strategist, René also works with women to transform their grief after major loss and renew their determination and fire for life.

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Here are her Key Takeaways:

  1. What are you going to do with the rest of your life? And who are you going to allow to dictate what you are going to do with the rest of your life?
  2. Start listening to the whispers. What has been suppressed, must be addressed
  3. Your relationships have to be renegotiated – with spouse, children, friends. Because YOU are changing. People have to understand that there is a different YOU to be connected to
  4.  I meet amazing women all the time and I truly believe that we should be running the world! We bring a lot to the table.  Connection and collaboration are strong skills that women have, and these connections are not “cute” – they are very powerful. That’s how we get shit done! 
  5. When we reach these midlife years, we are full on in our wisdom years. Women are ready to conquer the world.  This is our time of life to truly shine. Now is the time – all that energy that we’ve poured in those things outside of us, to pour that energy into ourselves. 
  6. Who are you without role or title? Who are you at the essence? Discover your identity at this stage of life because who you are changes – and that’s ok. Until you know who you really are at the essence  – it’s really hard to know what you really want. 
  7. I see life as a grand experiment and these years its just so fun to explore and try things.
  8. Confidence is a lagging indicator. We tell ourselves that we have to feel confident before we do the thing. But what’s true is you do the thing – and that builds your confidence.
  9. Do it afraid – don’t let fear be the reason that you don’t do the things. Ask yourself – what’s really true?  The acronym for FEAR – false evidence appearing real
  10. What’s got you curious? What interests you? What have you wanted to try or do? This is the time to do it! If not now, when? 

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