Sheri Lerat: On Tragedy & Loss, Resiliency and the Power of Healing

Sheri Lerat will no doubt leave you feeling emotional and inspired as you hear her story of reinvention. Her story of the grief and losses she faced in her life, yet her incredible resiliency and transformation through the power of healing is something we can all learn from. As she so beautifully expressed, “rebirth is the term I would use to convey this next stage of my life as I share my journey from cocoon to butterfly”.

Sheri founded Karys Layne Candles as a tribute to the beautiful transformation that can be found through the power of healing. Her paintings and candles are as multifaceted and layered as her personal story; which include grief & loss, numerous preventative surgeries that challenged her form and confidence, codependency, and after her husband lost his battle with PTSD – the realities of being a young RCMP widow & mother. 

 Sheri Lerat embodies the spirit of resiliency. She walked away from her professional teaching career to pursue her own company which now displays her crystal infused artwork and delicately hand poured scented wood wick soy candles. Her belief that there truly is healing that takes place in the arts, as well as sharing our stories, and finding our tribe. It is a reminder that we are not alone.

You can find Sheri here:
IG: @KarysLanyneCandles

Here are her key takeaways:

  1. Sometimes we internalize so much and blame ourselves, when sometimes it actually has nothing to do with us.
  2. When uncomfortable emotions present, when you lean into it and tolerate it, eventually what is on the other side is strength and growth, and with time, clarity. 
  3. You just have to look at nature. Diamonds are formed under pressure and the butterfly comes out of the cocoon, and a seed needs dark and it doesn’t come up until its ready. 
  4. Do something with that emotion, whatever that is. Whether that’s something creative, exercise, or just taking time for yourself. Move the energy around and give it a healthy outlet.
  5. Give yourself permission and patience.
  6. People just need people. Its’ so simple.  Find your tribe that holding space for you with no judgement. The power of being around other like minded people is powerful. When you share space like that – its lifelong bonds.
  7. Its about fresh starts, moving forward, trying new things, not being afraid to fail, failing forward, staying humble, being kind.
  8. Share your story – you have no idea the impact you can have on other people. 
  9. Speak your truth, live fearlessly, find your tribe.
  10. Trust your own instincts. A lot of times we are smarter than we give ourselves credit for. Sometimes we just need to be still and quiet long enough and the answers come and the strength comes. 

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