Tanya Willis: On Movement, Nutrition and Mindset over 40

We are sure you will be motivated by our next podcast episode as I interview Tanya Willis who helps women over 40 lead a healthy and vibrant life through integrating simple shifts in movement, nutrition and mindset.
Tanya has been teaching in the health and fitness industry for 30 years. She is the Founder of Vibrant Living with Tanya and The Willis Method.  In 2018, she published her book Cookie Dough in the Dark which is a tell all book about her struggles with food addiction and how she moved through it to live the vibrancy in her life.
Tanya teaches women over 40 the skills needed to release weight and end their struggles with mindless munching & cravings without depriving themselves. She also teaches a variety of fitness and mindset classes in her Vibrant Living Studio.

You can find Tanya here:

 Here are her Key Takeaways:

  1. There are always whispers in life and if you’re not listening, you get a big knock. Let’s not get to the knock – trust that voice and follow your intuition 
  2. 3 pillars are 1) movement – movement is the best medicine. 2) Nutrition, and 3) Mindset – mindset is the biggest piece which stops people from doing movement and nutrition. 
  3. We want you, in your 80’s to be living a vibrant life. What can you do now so you have that vibrancy, that energy so you can move without aches and pains?
  4. Understand how your brain is wired so you know your not a failure, you don’t lack willpower. Your brain works for survival.
  5. You are what you believe. What you think about you bring about. If you trust in the process, you will see positive changes. 
  6. We limit ourselves because of fear. What are you afraid of? Fear of failure, what other people will think, of believing you’re too old or not good enough? Face your fears and learn from them. 
  7. It’s about simple shifts – pick one thing that you want to work on. Start slowly. Confidence comes from trusting yourself and simple shifts builds confidence.
  8. If you’re always living on the ground floor, that’s what you see. It’s all about perspective.
  9. Learn to let go and play, be curious, slow down. Take the time to do some inner work – get to know yourself and love you! You are a gift from god – whatever it is, let your light shine!

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