The Psychology of Midlife: Leadership & Menopause in the Workplace, with Dr. Barbara Mark

Do you feel like this is a pivotal moment in your life – where you may be questioning your career, your sense of purpose or your overall well-being?

These questions are normal, especially in midlife, and in this next episode we will discuss the psychology behind why this stage is so crucial and can lead to real personal growth and fulfillment. 

Enjoy this fascinating conversation with Dr. Barbara Mark who is a recognized expert on the psychology of women and is the leading authority on the midlife stages of adult development.

Barbara is a sought-after coach by women who are looking to make appropriate and actionable personal and professional decisions at critical stages of their lives and careers. Helping her clients find clarity around everything from how to deal with career and life challenges to avoiding hot flashes in the boardroom makes her an invaluable asset to every professional woman.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  1. The psychological reasons underlying midlife transitions, including menopause, and how they influence a woman’s career & life decisions.
  2. Practical strategies for developing leadership skills and resilience, especially tailored for executive women navigating midlife challenges.
  3. The importance of promoting menopause-positive workplaces and DEI initiatives to create supportive environments for women in all stages of their careers.

If you are struggling right now with the physical, emotional and mental changes in midlife and wondering if this is normal – this episode is for you!

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In this podcast, we delve into the challenges and opportunities that come with midlife career transitions, addressing the importance of change, finding one’s Ikigai, and building confidence, especially for women. We explore the impact of limiting beliefs and midlife crises, while also discussing visualization, manifestation, and the journey of self-discovery that leads to reinvention and fulfillment, all while providing valuable career advice.